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Maintenance of our website services makes sure the contents of your website are up to date. Our software is dedicated to updating content, updating images, and capturing emails. We give you a view of your project’s short and long-term progress. To keep your project up to date, review, edit, and modify the current web view. We will look after your website while your main company is being taken care of. The Web site should not be static for your company’s development. We believe you want to add new ideas and new pages to your blog, we are here to assist you. What is included in the maintenance services of our website?


➯ Content updated on the website so that the website is up to date to have more traffic, selling, and guidance. ➯ Server and website backup. ➯ Quality monitoring of the website ➯ The performance and design aspects of the site suggestion. ➯ Check if all forms function properly and receive inquiry mails. ➯ Check for ties that have been broken. ➯ Identifying and resolving errors 404. ➯ New pages are added. ➯ We provide email and telephone help to you. ➯ The priority scheduling with a 24-hour turnaround on most updates is included in annual maintenance contracts.

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A classic website needs classic Maintenance too. Keeping people’s eyes on your business needs work too.

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